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Compass Communication - Beauty Magic

Beauty Magic

Client Aims

To launch the Beauty Magic range in Shoprite and Jetmart stores and to push sales.

Activation Results

We trained a team of Brand Ambassadors to execute the activation in Shoprite and Jetmart stores across Johannesburg, Pretoria, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape. All Brand Ambassadors sported Beauty Magic t-shirts with gold sling bags containing product testers. Brand Ambassadors actively engaged with shoppers in the beauty/skincare aisle by asking questions related to their skin care routines. Shoppers were advised on the benefits of the Beauty Magic range and were able to test the product in-store - thereby expanding on the unique benefits Beauty Magic could offer. Shoppers were then given a discount off their purchase when buying 3 or more Beauty Magic products.


Customers were excited about the range. They found it affordable and enjoyed being able to test the products in-store as it enabled them to actually feel the benefits of the range. Sales increased and a new, loyal client base was born.