How We Deliver

At Compass Communications how we do things is as important as what we do. Our process, having been refined over many years in the industry is simple, thorough and effective. After discussing our client’s requirements and looking into a number of ways to solve them, our account managers and strategists will put together a comprehensive activation plan. They then carefully select a team of promoters and supervisors who will act as brand ambassadors, making sure each one is suitable for the job. From that point it’s a case of making sure the campaign is going smoothly and if necessary, adjusting it in order to achieve optimum results. We’re able to do this by monitoring and analysing the feedback we receive on a daily basis.
The software we use to do our reporting allows us to gather the following information:

  • Brand ambassador performance KPIs (consumer engagement, attendance, etc.)
  • Product sales
  • Consumer insights (our clients’ brands and competitors’ brands)
  • Competitor feedback (pricing, promotions, activity etc.)
  • Out of stocks
  • Supervisor photographs of the promotion
  • Shopper and buyer profiles
  • Any additional information or insights requested by our client